How to make a Hedgehog Feeding Station

13, June, 2019

Photo credit: British Hedgehog Preservation Society

By building a hedgehog feeding station, you can encourage hedgehogs to visit your garden without worry of other animals, such as your cat or dog, stealing the food you provide for your spiky visitors. A feeding station will also protect the hedgehog and its food from inclement weather.

You only need this simple list of materials to build your hedgehog feeding station:

  • Large plastic or wooden box
  • Hacksaw or strong scissors*
  • Strong, thick tape
  • 2 bricks or large stones

How to build a hedgehog feeding station:

  1. The first step would be to carefully cut, using a hacksaw for a wooden box or scissors for a plastic box, a 13cmx13cm/4.5’’x4.5’’ hole in one side of the box. This will be your hedgehog entrance point.
  2. Next, if using a plastic box, ensure that all sharp edges are covered with thick tape. This will ensure that the hedgehog will not be harmed by any sharp bits.
  3. Turn the box upside down and place your hedgehog food and water at the furthest point away from the hedgehog entrance.
  4. Place one of your bricks on top of the plastic box to ensure that the box does not fall over or move and expose the hedgehog and its food.
  5. Place the second brick approximately 13cm away from the hedgehog entrance point.

And there you have it… your own hedgehog feeding station! We’re sure that your spiky garden visitors will love their new restaurant!

What do hedgehogs eat?

In the wild, the majority of a hedgehog’s diet is made up of invertebrates (creepy crawlies) like worms, beetles, caterpillars, earwigs and millipedes. But hedgehogs can also eat specialist hedgehog food like Spike’s. Also make sure to leave a dish of water out to help keep your hedgehog visitors hydrated.

When should I put out my hedgehog house?

Hedgehogs hibernate during the winter months, so the best time to put your hedgehog house is between April and October.

*Please always be careful when using sharp objects. Children should seek assistance from a parent or guardian.


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