Our story

Spike’s history began 21 years ago. We had been animal care experts for many years prior, so when we realised there was no specialist hedgehog food to feed our spiky little friends, we knew we had to help!

After months of development and nutritional research, we were ready to turn hedgehogs into guinea pigs! We asked the prickly residents of our local hedgehog sanctuary, Hedgehog Care at Authorpe, to try the new food. They loved it – and, more importantly, they thrived on it. Spike’s was born. And here’s why it’s great…

  • Naturally nutritious and produced lovingly in Blackburn, Lancashire, Spike’s provides a complementary food for wild hedgehogs.
  • Our goal is to ensure the stability of wild hedgehogs in an already declining population. That’s why we partner with charities including The British Hedgehog Preservation Society and Amazing Grace, an initiative led by Dr Brian May’s charity, the Save Me Trust.
  • At Spike’s, we value the the health and well-being of wild hedgehogs. It is our priority to help facilitate a flourishing future for hedgehogs, which is why we are also committed to educating the Great British public on how they can help.



I'm awake after my long hibernation and feeling very hungry!

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