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Hedgehog Myths and Facts

6, May, 2020

This week is Hedgehog Awareness Week, which means there’s lot of talk about our favourite animal, the incredible hedgehog! Hedgehogs…

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The Benefits of Spike’s Food

19, December, 2019

The sight of a friendly, cute hedgehog snuffling around the garden on the lookout for something yummy always brings a…

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Things you never knew about hedgehogs

13, November, 2019

Behind dogs and cats, hedgehogs might just be the nation’s favourite animal. One need only look at the fact there…

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How to Help Hedgehogs on Bonfire Night

15, October, 2019

Bonfire Night may be a fun night for us, but it is one of the biggest risks of the year…

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How to Help Baby Hoglets

13, September, 2019

Though they’re just as cute as their elders, hoglets need more care and attention than adult hedgehogs. As they’ve just…

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