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Hedgehog Hero for October- Jacqueline Clarke

2, November, 2021

Meet Jacqueline Clarke, our Hedgehog Hero for October! Jacqueline is a hedgehog superstar and does everything in her power to…

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Hedgehog Hero for September- Dave Lunn

15, September, 2021

We are delighted to announce that our Hedgehog Hero for September is Dave Lunn. Dave takes in hundreds of hedgehogs…

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Hedgehog Hero for August- Jannine Coleman

26, August, 2021

Want to hear all about our Hedgehog Hero for August? Keep reading! We spoke to August’s pick, Jannine Coleman, to…

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Hedgehog Hero for July- Alice Fearn

23, July, 2021

Meet Alice Fearn, our Hedgehog Hero for July! Alice is fourteen and is living proof that the younger generation can…

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Hedgehog Hero for June – Charlotte from Hog House Rescue

30, June, 2021

We are delighted to name Charlotte Smith, who runs Hog House Rescue in Leeds, the Hedgehog Hero for June! Charlotte…

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Good night, see you in spring! (or maybe before that if I'm feeling hungry)

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