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Hedgehog hero Catherine Jones

Our December Hedgehog Hero- Catherine Jones

18, December, 2020

Not all heroes wear capes; some are just normal people, doing their bit to give the nation’s hoggies a helping…

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The truth about hedgehog hibernation

30, November, 2020

Here at Spike’s, we love learning more about hedgehogs and what they get up to. When it comes to hedgehog…

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Introducing our first Hedgehog Heroes- Justine & Fay Dixon

12, November, 2020

Here at Spike’s, hedgehogs are very close to our hearts. We love speaking to our community and finding out the…

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What Do Hedgehogs Eat In The Wild?

24, September, 2020

In the wild, hedgehogs have quite a varied diet as they eat lots of creepy crawlies, called invertebrates, such as:…

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Hedgehog Sightings During Lockdown

A Beginner’s Guide to Hedgehogs

23, August, 2020

This time of the year sees the arrival of thousands of baby hedgehogs across the country and, with less of…

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Good night, see you in spring! (or maybe before that if I'm feeling hungry)

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