Helping hedgehogs

At Spike’s, we’re committed to ensuring a sustainable and happy future for our native hogs. With this in mind, we have put together some handy articles and guides on how to spot signs of both good and bad hedgehog health, along with general tips and advice on how you can do your bit to help with the preservation of these spiky mammals in your own garden.

Hedgehog Garden

What to do if you have a hedgehog visiting your garden

15, July, 2020

Despite hedgehogs being named Britain’s favourite mammal in 2016, some Brits are still unsure as to what to do if…

Hedgehog Sightings During Lockdown

Lockdown: Hedgehog Sightings

15, June, 2020

We’re encouraging you to get in involved in our campaign to help record hedgehog sightings, as populations enjoy a resurgence….


How to make a Hedgehog Feeding Station

13, June, 2019

Photo credit: British Hedgehog Preservation Society By building a hedgehog feeding station, you can encourage hedgehogs to visit your garden…


Top Tips for Hog Health

13, June, 2019

Hedgehogs need our help to ensure their survival now more than ever, as numbers in the UK have dropped from…


Caring for Autumn juvenile hedgehogs

13, June, 2019

What is an autumn juvenile hedgehog? Autumn juveniles are second littler hogs. They are born later in the year and…


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