Spike's year

Hedgehogs are seasonal animals, meaning their behaviour changes depending on the time of year. Most will hibernate throughout the winter months, mate in late spring/early summer and build up their fat supplies throughout the remaining months in preparation for hibernation. Mating season usually begins for hedgehogs around May and mid-June, with hoglets being born in June/early July.


Hedgehogs will start to appear around springtime after a long spell of hibernation. This is the time where they are most hungry, and will need to be provided with lots of nutritious food and plenty of fresh water. You can expect to see more hedgehogs appearing in your garden in springtime than through the winter months, so make sure you prepare your garden for these very cute, spiky visitors.


It's mating season! Summer is the prime mating season for hedgehogs where throughout May to mid-June, the spiky creatures will take to multiple partners in order to mate and create baby hoglets! Hoglets will then be born throughout June and early July. By this time, hoglets are also needing lots of nutritious food and fresh water to help build their strength in order to grow into big, healthy hogs.


It's almost time for hedgehog hibernation season! Hogs will be looking to pile on weight ready for hibernation season and so will be visiting your garden searching for nutritious food sources. As hibernation approaches, hedgehogs and hoglets will need plenty of refreshment, so remember to leave food out every evening! If you leave food out regularly for hedgehogs, they will more than likely return at a similar time each night when the sun goes down. Second litter autumn juvenile hedgehogs weighing less than 500g may need your help to survive throughout the winter as they are not equipped with enough fat to last them through the cold months, therefore providing lots of nutritious food can be important for the survival of these little ones!


It's hibernation time! Hedgehogs are one of only three creatures in the UK to go into hibernation on a yearly basis over the winter time. They will very rarely wake up and leave the comfort of their 'home' for any reason other than to top up on their food supply. Hedgehog hibernation season is getting later. You may still see hedgehogs throughout late December and early January in some cases.