How to Help Baby Hoglets

13, September, 2019

You may be wondering when hedgehog have hoglets, typically hoglets are found in May, June or July. The average size of a litter is four to five. Though they’re just as cute as their elders, hoglets need more care and attention than adult hedgehogs. As they’ve just arrived into the world and haven’t learned the survival instincts they need to last in the wild, hoglets need to be cared for by the mothers until they are ready to go out on their own. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you understand what you should and shouldn’t do if you come across a baby hoglet.

Step 1: Do not disturb a hedgehog’s nest

If the mother is disturbed soon after birth, she may desert her hoglets. So if you find a nest in your garden, you mustn’t touch or interfere with it. Any slight disturbance to the nest or the hoglets themselves can cause the mother to abandon them, leaving the hoglets alone without the care they need.

Step 2: Listen out for hoglet cries

If a hoglet has been left or abandoned by their mother, they will most likely stay in or near the nest, as it’s an area that’s most familiar to them. Nests can often be found under sheds or in hedgerows, log or leaf piles and compost heaps. If they are distressed, they will let out a shrill, bird-like piping. If you hear anything like this, search for the hoglet and then search for any other hoglets that may be nearby.

Step 3: Provide warmth to abandoned hoglets

Abandoned hoglets are very vulnerable creatures, and are often found in a poor state. Without their mother providing food for them, they won’t be able to build up their body weight and will need a source of warmth. That’s why if you find an abandoned hoglet, you will need to keep it in a warm room. It should be placed in a small cardboard box or a similar container, lined with a towel. Place a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel in the bottom of the box. Make sure the water isn’t too hot, as it could be uncomfortable for the hoglet to have too much heat. Place the hoglet on top of the wrapped bottle and cover with further bedding. You will need to change the water bottle every few hours to ensure the hoglet has a regular supply of warmth.

Step 4: Take abandoned hoglets to a local hedgehog hospital

Now that the hoglet is out of the cold and in a safe and warm environment, they will need support and nutrition to survive. But without the mother to provide this, they won’t survive out in the wild on their own, and with daily life in the way, you won’t have the time to give the hoglet the proper care and attention it needs. That’s why the next step for you is to take the hoglet to a local hedgehog hospital. There, the baby will be given the daily care and support it needs to grow strong.


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