The Benefits of Spike’s Food

19, December, 2019

The sight of a friendly, cute hedgehog snuffling around the garden on the lookout for something yummy always brings a smile to the face. But what can you feed hedgehogs to keep them coming  back? Look no further than Spike’s Hedgehog Food we have worked hard over the years to provide your spiky garden visitors with the tastiest and most nutritious food possible! But what benefits do your local hoggies gain from our Spike’s Food? Here are just a few…


Spike’s Crunchy Dry Food

Your local hedgehogs must get as much nutrition as possible to keep them fit as a fiddle, and that’s what our Spike’s Crunchy Dry Food was made to do! Specially made to cater to a hedgehog’s dietary needs, our Spike’s Crunchy Dry Food is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and high in fibre. Whether you choose to stock up with a large 2k bag or choose a smaller 650g pack, our yummy hedgehog food is perfect for keeping your local hoggies healthy and happy.


Spike’s Tasty Semi-Moist

A delicious complementary food for hedgehogs, our Spike’s Tasty Semi-Moist is a yummy Hedgehog Hospital approved food that’s filled with all the nutritional goodness your local hogsters need to survive and thrive. Whether served on its own or mixed with some of our other yummy hedgehog foods, our Spike’s Tasty Semi-Moist is guaranteed to attract spiky visitors to your garden!


Spike’s Meaty Feast

With a new and improved recipe, your local hedgehogs will see more benefits than ever form our scrumptious Spike’s Meaty Feast. Now made with 100% natural ingredients including 70% chicken and pork, this tasty treat is suitable for hedgehogs of all ages, meaning its perfect young autumn juveniles looking to build their strength up. With such yummy flavours and nutritional value, your spiky pals will keep coming back for more and more!


Spike’s Insect Crumble

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals and very, very tasty, our Spike’s Insect Crumble is made with a highly nutritious recipe to provide hedgehogs with everything they need. This yummy treat is made from a mix of probiotic pellet, roasted suet granules and black soldier fly larvae that’s high in calcium and rich in omega 3. This is the perfect tasty snack for hedgehogs looking for something a little different.


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